About SocialMediaG

Social Media is about putting information about your business out there.  Letting your target audience know about what services your company provides, or what products your company offers.  Businesses that are not gaining exposure, or bringing added benefits to their business from their current social media efforts are not doing social media right.  At SocialMediaG we build your business using the most effective social media platforms, and strategies to reach your goals.

We help our clients build consistent branding across social media platforms.  Consistency, strategy, and implementation are actions that SocialMediaG outline for clients to build their business through social media.   SocialMediaG is a Florida based company with a network of social media experts around the world.  We stay up to date on current trends and strategies in social media and internet marketing.  Doing social media right means following and implement social media strategies that have been tested, and work.

SocialMediaG is passionate about providing industry leading services for corporations, restaurants, films, consultants, retail stores, non-profits, causes and local businesses.  If you want to know what SocialMediaG is about, it’s about:

  • Being Social
  • Optimizing Opportunities
  • Being Consistent with the Continual Change In the Industry
  • Taking the Initiative
  • Adamant about Analysis, and
  • Being a Leader


SocialMediaG.com is a division of  The Information Management Group, Inc.  (TIMG).  TIMG has been managing financial information for over 20 years.  TIMG’s founder, Yvonnie Ametin, saw and experienced the potential of on-line businesses and the need for information management with social media.   The internet, and industry hubs have enabled TIMG, an information management company, to connect and form partnerships to branch out and offer extensive full services social media packages.



About Social Media Gura / Yvonnie Ametin

Yvonnie G. Ametin (also known as @socialmediagura on Twitter) is the owner and operator of SocialMediaG.com, a social media management and consulting agency.  Yvonnie  has been an entrepreneur, change agent, and self-employed most of her working career.  She recognized her experience with managing information, and starting two online businesses provided her with a wealth of knowledge that she expanded TIMG’s services to include Social Media.

Yvonnie understands the who, what, where, when, why and how of social media.  She’s learned from the best, and her favorite Social Media/Internet Marketing Guru is Don Crowther, and Internet Marketer, Adam Short.  They are both great teachers, and cutting in anything they present.

The entrepreneur, and change agent in Yvonnie used slogans:

  • “Information Management for the Bellwether Business Owner,” and
  •  “Managing Your Information in Crushing Speed.”


Perhaps these 1994 slogans work best today, because of the hype with social media and YouTube videos going viral….now that’s crushing speed.