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Backing Up Your PC With Military Grade Cloud Servers 0

Backing Up Your PC With Military Grade Cloud Servers

Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Tools

How do you backup files: your videos, your photos, and your documents? If you are like some – you probably save, and store your information several different ways: 1. Free Sites Like: DropBox (documents), YouTube (videos), and Flickr (photos). 2. Paid Storage Services Like: Amazon S3 and MyPCBackUp 3. A Portable External Hard drive If you are like most – your computer hard drive is your only back up, and you keep meaning to get an additional form of storage, but it just has not happened yet. Do not risk losing your computer files. Recently my computer would not turn on.  I thought it had crashed from a power surge that occurred in a recent storm.  I had a completely “Stress Free” recovery of information because I had everything backed up.  Everything backed up from my desktop, to my laptops, to my external hard drives. I was not lucky. I have never found myself lucky with many situations like this.  I call it lesson learned.  I have lost critical data in the past, and have had to recreate, and redo work that I had already spent considerable time, and money on.  Paying staff to redo work, already done, is a cost businesses can not afford. Get Back Up and...

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GoDaddy Domain, HostGator Hosting, Google Apps E-mail 0

GoDaddy Domain, HostGator Hosting, Google Apps E-mail

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Do It Yourself (DIY) Techie, Internet Marketing 101

Managing your own internet marketing for your business is the not the route that I recommend for any business owner.  Why?  Because it is a waste of time to learn skills that will take years to become good enough at, and will still need to contract out some of the more technical aspects of internet marketing. But some of you maybe entrepreneurs just starting out, and like me (when I first started) do not have a choice.   Where should I register my domain name, where should I host my website, and what e-mails service should I use? Scenario: 1) I register my domain at 2) I host my website at 3) I use Google Apps as my e-mail service       When you host your domain with You may run into trouble getting your google apps to work. One of the reasons I use is because makes it easy to set up your e-mail service using google apps. 1) Register your domain name. 2) Set up your E-mail Account (Google Apps) using your domain name. While you are setting up your Google Apps – Google will request you to verify your domain name – makes this easy – just follow...

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Internet Marketing Tools Of The Trade: 0

Internet Marketing Tools Of The Trade:

Posted by on Feb 23, 2012 in Tools Of The Trade is a blog website that sends out a daily newsletter about writing copy. ” Delivering quality online content is the smartest strategy for growing your business online, so it’s your copywriting and content marketing skills that will set you apart for success. Copyblogger is all about helping you:  get traffic attract links increase subscribers grow revenue and profits! ” – If you have a product to sell, a business or expertise to promote – knowing about writing great copy is important. This is what Russell Brunson, Owner of DotComSecrets, says about  copywriting, “This is where you make the money, having the words on your page that is actually going to sell your product, get someone so excited about what it is you are offering, they want to pull out their credit card, and by it…” is more than just a website resource. I have found, as an entrepreneur, and as someone who wants others to buy my products,  that my daily Copyblogger newsletter is a tool of the trade. The content in my daily Copyblogger newsletter gets the wheels in my brain spinning.  Cutting edge concepts, tips, and strategies are presented to me with such entertainment I am glad I took the “minutes” to read the daily...

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How Do I Add An Additional Static HTML iFrame Tab To My Facebook Landing Page? 0

How Do I Add An Additional Static HTML iFrame Tab To My Facebook Landing Page?

Posted by on Feb 16, 2012 in Facebook, Landing Pages

    Creating Facebook landing pages have becoming second nature, but I found myself a stumped when I decided to create additional “Landing Pages” for several Facebook Pages.  I needed to add additional Landing Pages (Static HTML Tabs) because I was about to launch a series of Facebook Ads. Adding additional Static HTML iFrame Tabs to my surprise was not as easy as clicking a button.     As much as I love change in internet marketing – it’s somewhat annoying not being about to do a task already learned once before quickly.  Below are useful videos, and resources so you do not have to dig around on google to find out how to add mulitple Static HTML iFrame Tabs on your Facebook Landing Page(s). Social Media Rocks!  Until next time this is @socialmediagura. Additional Resources: Video – How To Add A Second Static HTML iFrame Tab Tutorial Video – How To A Static HTML  iFrame Tab To My Facebook Page Static HTML iFrame...

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What Is A Lead Generating Website?

Posted by on Dec 18, 2011 in Internet Marketing 101

Before I am able to explain what a lead generating website is, I am going to need to provide some definitions. A Lead – whether you have an online or offline business you need leads to generate income.  Leads are potential customers, clients, names of people who have an interest in what you are selling, or in the services you are providing. An Opt-In Page or Box –  an opt-in box or page is where a lead enters their information: e-mail address, name, phone number – whatever information the business has requested to enable the business to reach out to lead at a later time.  Note the less the lead needs to fill in the better chance they are to leave their information.  An example would be  to only request a first name, and e-mail address. A Landing Page – in most cases the landing page is the home page of a lead generating website; any website.  A landing page is where a lead lands after clicking a link that interests them.  The lead may have seen a link that interested him in a Tweet, in a Facebook post, or an advertising banner on a website, and clicked the link and landed on the landing page. Irresistible Offer –...

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