Backing Up Your PC With Military Grade Cloud Servers 0

Backing Up Your PC With Military Grade Cloud Servers

Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Tools

How do you backup files: your videos, your photos, and your documents? If you are like some – you probably save, and store your information several different ways: 1. Free Sites Like: DropBox (documents), YouTube (videos), and Flickr (photos). 2. Paid Storage Services Like: Amazon S3 and MyPCBackUp 3. A Portable External Hard drive If you are like most – your computer hard drive is your only back up, and you keep meaning to get an additional form of storage, but it just has not happened yet. Do not risk losing your computer files. Recently my computer would not turn on.  I thought it had crashed from a power surge that occurred in a recent storm.  I had a completely “Stress Free” recovery of information because I had everything backed up.  Everything backed up from my desktop, to my laptops, to my external hard drives. I was not lucky. I have never found myself lucky with many situations like this.  I call it lesson learned.  I have lost critical data in the past, and have had to recreate, and redo work that I had already spent considerable time, and money on.  Paying staff to redo work, already done, is a cost businesses can not afford. Get Back Up and...

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