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GoDaddy Domain, HostGator Hosting, Google Apps E-mail 0

GoDaddy Domain, HostGator Hosting, Google Apps E-mail

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Do It Yourself (DIY) Techie, Internet Marketing 101

Managing your own internet marketing for your business is the not the route that I recommend for any business owner.  Why?  Because it is a waste of time to learn skills that will take years to become good enough at, and will still need to contract out some of the more technical aspects of internet marketing. But some of you maybe entrepreneurs just starting out, and like me (when I first started) do not have a choice.   Where should I register my domain name, where should I host my website, and what e-mails service should I use? Scenario: 1) I register my domain at 2) I host my website at 3) I use Google Apps as my e-mail service       When you host your domain with You may run into trouble getting your google apps to work. One of the reasons I use is because makes it easy to set up your e-mail service using google apps. 1) Register your domain name. 2) Set up your E-mail Account (Google Apps) using your domain name. While you are setting up your Google Apps – Google will request you to verify your domain name – makes this easy – just follow...

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