What Is A Lead Generating Website?

Before I am able to explain what a lead generating website is, I am going to need to provide some definitions.

A Lead – whether you have an online or offline business you need leads to generate income.  Leads are potential customers, clients, names of people who have an interest in what you are selling, or in the services you are providing.

An Opt-In Page or Box –  an opt-in box or page is where a lead enters their information: e-mail address, name, phone number – whatever information the business has requested to enable the business to reach out to lead at a later time.  Note the less the lead needs to fill in the better chance they are to leave their information.  An example would be  to only request a first name, and e-mail address.

A Landing Page – in most cases the landing page is the home page of a lead generating website; any website.  A landing page is where a lead lands after clicking a link that interests them.  The lead may have seen a link that interested him in a Tweet, in a Facebook post, or an advertising banner on a website, and clicked the link and landed on the landing page.

Irresistible Offer – the Lead has an interest.  They clicked your link, and now they are on your page.  What is going to get them to give you their information?  If you own a restaurant and a Lead clicks your advertisement what are going to give them that they want?  Apparently they have an interest in something about your restaurant, whether to have a meal , catering services whatever it is – they are there.  If you own a dental office – this Lead has clicked your link because they need dental work done; you do not want to miss this opportunity.

A Lead Generating Website – is designed to capture potential clients, and customers that land on your home page.  You spend hundreds of dollars on advertising.  You put your website on everything you print.  A lead generating website is optimized with an opt-in box and an irresistible offer so you do not lose those potential clients or customers.








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